Want to Buy Durable Shoes

Uncategorized / 5 May, 2020

Want to Buy Durable Shoes

Want to Buy Durable Shoes – Here Are the Recommendations for Branded Idol Branded Shoes for All

It is undeniable that shoes are very useful for everyone, both for children, adolescents and adults.

Therefore, everyone must have shoes. Choosing shoes can not be careless, because if the shoes have poor quality it will be easily damaged. This will certainly be more wasteful because they have to buy shoes every time they break.

For that, choose branded shoes because generally the material is more durable. Well, here are the recommendations of all branded idol branded shoes.

Recommendations for Branded Idol Shoes for All


This shoe brand was first founded by the University of Oregon, initiated by Philip Knight, an athlete and coach, Bill Bowerman. The Nike brand name is taken from the name of the Greek goddess which means “victory”. Nike is easily recognizable on the market because of its swoosh symbol. Many famous athletes come to be the brand ambassadors. These athletes like Michael Jordan, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and others. That is, this Nike brand is very high quality and must be owned by everyone.


This shoe brand is the most famous and popular shoe brand in the world. Adidas has been created since 1920 by two German citizens namely Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler. However, the two brothers finally split because Rudolf Dassler chose to create shoes with their own brand, “Puma”. This distinctive brand of three lines has no doubt about its quality. Adidas is widely used by Olympic athletes.


Converse is a popular shoe brand that produces athletic shoes for young and adult children. The brand founded by Marquis M. Converse mostly produces sneakers. Converse began his career since 1908 in America. Generally the materials used to produce these shoes are canvas. Kendari thus, this converse shoe brand is very durable and favored by many people. In addition, the price is relatively more affordable.