Nike Shoes Themed Indomie Goreng Viral Social Media

Uncategorized / 18 May, 2020

Nike Shoes Themed Indomie Goreng Viral Social Media

Nike Shoes Themed Indomie Goreng Viral Social Media – Social media clients are shocked by the life of a Indomie Goreng themed footwear with surprising colors.

That is the result of the creation of an artist named Jonathan “Jonas” Gustana (23), who uses Nike Jordan 1 Mid sequence sneakers with a triple white pattern.

Footwear nike shoes that have a white base color are then colored so that they resemble the packaging of one of the reveals instant noodle applications in Indonesia.

Through his Instagram account @ Mr.S.Custom, Jonas defined a lot about this wonderful shoe Task. This graduate of Nanyang Academy Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore, made an be offering to make special themed shoes which he later named Air Jordan 1 Indomie, with a quota of 20 pairs.

“Thank you for Taking part. For those who have not been lucky or are not brief enough to comfortable these nike shoes Footwear, do not worry. We will continue to make wonderful designs just for you. Stay here, you will not Remorseful about, wrote @ Mr.S.Custom in the wrong one upload.

Air Jordan 1 Indomie is priced at Rp. 3.3 million along with the price of footwear worth Rp. 1,649,000 (official price on the Nike Indonesia website).

Even so, the buyer can still use personal footwear of the same type. So do not have to buy a package with Air Jordan.

Sneakers / jackets / nike shoes / any items that you want to be custom can be from you or from us. If from you, you ship the items to my Cope with. If from us, we will find the right size,” wrote a statement in Instagram with 5,000- an account.

But, seeing the high level of client enthusiasm for this product, Mr. Simple Custom will re-open the Air Jordan 1 Indomie order quota in the near future. Although, this time with a very limited quota, which is only five pairs Sneakers.