Erang Kesah Shoe Manufacturers

Uncategorized / 9 May, 2020

Erang Kesah Shoe Manufacturers

Erang Kesah Shoe Manufacturers, Stop Creation and Even Corona Impact Employees

Corona or Covid-19 virus outbreaks that attack various regions in Indonesia, is a heavy crude bogem for several actors in the national MSME business sector.

Such as Miske Niharda, owner of the effort of DE monte Exclusive brand shoes who frankly urged to end his business creation activities for the past 3 weeks.

The impact of some customers getting along to cancel the production of shoes is the impact of the weakening of the domestic economy.

“On the contrary the basic material of leather for shoes, we have given money. The cost is not economical,” Miske moaned on Tuesday (7 or 4).

As a result with a heavy inner self he finished for the duration while laying off all his employees, amounting to 15 people, because out of payment for his salary. Moreover, there are still many lawsuits for creation that must be borne by Miske.

Like an actor of UMKM’s efforts, Miske has ambitions for the authorities to share moral support when his business is shocked by the rage of the latest type of virus from Hubei.

“Psychologically we are very attacked, not just a matter of capital,” he said.

File Lawsuit

Previously, 6 people replaced the actors of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to submit a class action petition to the Head of State Joko Widodo (Jokowi) because they were thought to have forgotten to overcome the endemic Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19).

The petition was filed by the peddlers to the Central Jakarta State Council on Wednesday (1 or 4) yesterday.

The petition was printed with PN JKT number. PST-042020DGB. They calculated that the head of state Jokowi forgot to cope with the plague of Covid-19 matching the Law Book for Law Beware Article 1366. The voice of the article was that everyone was responsible, not only for the loss caused by acts, but also for the loss caused by negligence or carelessness.

“Now we feel that the defendant Head of state Joko Widodo is carrying out such negligence,” said one of the hawkers carrying out the Enggal Pamukty petition when contacted for independence. com, Thursday (2 or 4).

Enggal and friends filed a petition to be alert with the Criminal Code article and Law No. 6 of 2018 on Health Quarantine. Enggal said there were 3 important pressures from his claim that the impact of negligence was obtained by the head of state Jokowi in responding to the spread of Covid-19.

“Successfully it is important that we are the only one asking the head of the Republic of Indonesia as if the defendant decided on the status of the quarantine area through the Minister of Health in accordance with the legal mandate on health quarantine,” Enggal said when speaking independently. com.